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ICA Nepal and its developed long term associations
Throughout the past decade of ICA Nepal’s subsistence, there have been many organizations and individuals with whom we have worked in collaboration. Among them some organizations and groups that we have been associated with for a long period of time and some that are in the process of long term association. These organizations have been greatly supportive in the successful running of ICA Nepal. As a coalition in community works or as a target group for our community projects, ICA Nepal has come across wonderful groups and organizations. This article acknowledges some of those organizations and their nature of association with ICA Nepal.

Progressive Women Group
The Progressive Women Group is an organization of women based in Changunarayan, Bhaktapur. This organization has been associated with ICA Nepal since the year 2002. With the support of ICA Nepal, Changu Narayan Progressive Women Group was established in 2002, and later registered as Chinnamasta Women Saving and Credit Cooperative Society Pvt. Ltd., which is currently running in it's eighth year with more than 800 members. Due to the active involvement of the Progressive Women Group in community works, the status of women in Changunaryan has risen remarkably in past few years. A high level of women's empowerment can be seen in the community by observing the economic independency and leadership status of women.  The establishment of the saving and credit group has provided an income generation source for women of the community which has empowered their economic status. The organization also organizes various skill development training for the women of village, which has helped broaden the horizon for their development. The Progressive Women Group has been a collaborative partner with ICA Nepal in Changunarayan village.

Disabled Service Center
Similarly, the Disabled Service Center (DSC) is another long term associate of ICA Nepal. It hasn’t been that long since ICA Nepal and DSC have been in collaboration, but a long term association has been ensured. ICA Nepal came in contact with DSC after the massive earthquake of 25th April 2015. The Disabled Service Center, located at Balaju, Ktm, works for people with disabilities (PWD). There are currently 17 PWDs residing in the organizations facilities. The health of PWDs here is extremely miserable and so is the economic status of the organization. Their situation got worse after the earthquake. So, lending a hand, ICA Nepal at first supported with basic food items and then relief materials. The house where PWDs were living was damaged by the earthquake and they had to live under a tomato farm without even a tarpaulin. Therefore, considering the extreme needy status of the organization, ICA Nepal decided to build a permanent house for the organization. After a couple of months of procedure, it has now been finalized and a house will be built with the support of ICA Australia. It will be a disabled friendly house that will accommodate about 20 PWDs, comprising of 4 rooms, a kitchen, a toilet and a center hall. After the completion of the house, a variety of skill development and income generation training sessions will be conducted for development of economic status. ICA Nepal will actively facilitate and monitor the activities throughout the year. This way, another long term association has been developed.

Tri-Ratna School
The Tri-Ratna School at Bungamati is another institution that has become associated with ICA Nepal after the earthquake. It has been noted after the earthquake that more than 5000 schools and educational institutions have been damaged. The Tri-Ratna School was among one of them that was extensively damaged and almost 300 students were affected. Therefore, ICA facilitated their contact with a peer organization: Emerging Ecology, which is now looking after the renovation of the school. Emerging Ecology is providing support for the renovation of the school and also providing teachers/students support programs. With the help of ICA Nepal, training in Psycho emotional support, through the Social Artistry leadership approach, was conducted after earthquake as well.

In this way, various organizations have been associated with ICA Nepal which will support ICA Nepal’s vision of overall human development in the future.
Along with the organizations, various individuals have been associated with ICA Nepal and have  been a part of our organization. They are also examples of transformational leadership provided by ICA Nepal in different parts of Nepal. Mrs. Kesha Kumari Darji and Mrs. Devaka Shrestha are the major ones we would like to mention here.

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