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Kesha Kumari Darji
A resident of Khanigaun in the Parbat district, Mrs. Kesha Kumari belongs to the so called “lower caste”. She is a mother of six children and has a poor economic status. Through the “Leadership development” training provided by ICA Nepal in 1999, her life changed in a drastic way which she reminisces as “transformational”. Now she is a micro-entrepreneur who is actively working for “untouchables” and the socio-economic development of the community. In 2006, she was selected for the most active women on micro enterprises development globally and was given $1000 USD. Having grown from a housewife to a community changing leader, Mrs Darji became associated with ICA Nepal for a long term. She is providing great support for ICA Nepal’s project in the Parbat district.

Devaka Shrestha
Mrs. Devaka Shrestha has been associated with ICA Nepal for a decade. She is 41 and a resident of the Changu VDC, Bhaktapur district. She is also the president of the Progressive Women Group which has been mentioned above. She came in contact with ICA Nepal during the literacy training provided by the organization to the women of changunarayan VDC. After the literacy training, she participated in various other training sessions, Leadership development, Social Artistry and income generation. This training helped to shape her desire to work for women and develop their leadership qualities. Now, with her leadership, ICA Nepal has witnessed an outstanding development in the socio-economic status of women of the Changunarayan district. Mrs. Devaka Shrestha is one of the key people to make such development happen. She is continuously working for community development by facilitating the leadership programs of ICA Nepal.

In this way ICA Nepal has developed a long term association with various wonderful individuals and organizations. ICA Nepal believes all social bodies should work together and in collaboration for broader national development. Thus, ICA Nepal is still in the process of expanding its network with other potential organizations and individuals which in turn will help with the  collaborative and cooperative development of the community. Which is the ultimate vision of ICA Nepal.

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