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The project aims to start kitchen garden farming inside the compound of the Nepal Disabled Association, (NDA), an organization working for PWDs, (Persons with disabilities), where more than 500 people with disabilities permanently and temporarily reside. The farming will be done solely for the sustainability of its members. The kitchen farming will consist of growing seasonal and organic vegetables and fruits for the differently able people. People living with disabilities will be mobilized for gardening, watering or any relevant activities.

The kitchen garden will serve the function of a vegetable garden. The vegetables produced will be available only for the more than 200 A level students with disabilities, and some orphan children residing within the same compound. The garden would supplement their daily diet and also it would provide an opportunity for those residents, (PWDs), to participate in growing, watering or any other relevant farming activity.

The garden will help people to reduce their agitation and aggression, stimulating sensory pleasure. The vegetable produce will also contribute to reduce the cost of the kitchen expenses for the organization. An organic sustainable method of farming will be practiced. Use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides will be highly discouraged. The project will provide ultimate psychological support to PWDs enhancing their self esteem and personal development.

                       Disabled Service Center Brochure

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