• 8th Global Conference

    on Human Development

    Oct. 29 - Nov. 2, 2012

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    “I had a great time working with the ICA Nepal tech team.  Consisting of staff & volunteers, they worked tirelessly to make sure everything ran smoothly.  From late night wiring sessions to early morning projector setups and everything in between I could not be more proud of the work that we were able to accomplish.” Lloyd Philbrook, Taiwan 

  • "Thank you for a wonderful experience at the ICA Global Conference.  The topics were essential areas for us to focus on for the future of our planet.  I met both new and old colleagues, all eager to make a contribution.  I complement the team for weave such a rich tapestry of dialogue, reflection and commitment.  Well done!", Janet Sanders, PEOPLEnergy, Canada 


Kushendra B. Mahat
Executive Director
Babar Mahal, Kathmandu,

Contact: + 977-01-4224145
Fax: + 977-4220450

What We Do

ICA Nepal is a learning oriented, self-governed institution aiming to contribute in the human development process by conducting intensive research on prioritized issues, implementing effective programmes through facilitation and participatory approach and sharing the understanding. ICA's main aim is to back up development process and nation building by applying participatory action approach in culture of inquiry and research.




•Carry out academic and non-academic research activities on the existing issues of human development and nation building. 

•Contribute in the policy making through providing relevant data and information of ground reality. 

•Share resources, ideas and programmes globally and locally. 

•Link academic research and human development issues on national and international level. 

•Provide platform and venue for scholar interaction, research and dialogue on research activities. 

•Publish regular journal and research papers





ICA owns a team of dedicated, skilled and proficient expertise with diverse academic backgrounds. It has a support of international network of ICAs working worldwide, as well as, backing of local, national and international partners. 

ICA is a pool of fresh University and PhD graduates, learning-oriented young researcher with intensive knowledge of research practices and social issues. Along with young fresh researchers, ICA is comprised with knowledgeable experts who have many years of experiences in the field of research. 




Activities, Services and Future Prospects:

Research projects are either initiated by ICA itself or designed according to demand for consultant service.

ICA carries out interdisciplinary academic and non-academic studies on varied areas. Some studies are externally funded and based on the core interest of the partner organization (client). ICA’s sister organization, PhD Center of Excellence is conducting wide range of academic researches. These researches are basically self-funded. 

It provides multi-disciplinary and cohesive professional research services in diverse issues ranging from environment, forest, social, peace building, governance, gender issues to nutrition and management

Research Findings are disseminated through national and international conferences, interaction forums, online journals, publications and books. 





It takes an interdisciplinary approach along with participatory action research practices in the studies. 

Located at Babarmahal, ICA has the capacity to undertake quality research studies namely: 


•Feasibility Studies

•Baseline Surveys 

•Impact Assessment 

•Monitoring and Evaluation 

•Need Assessment 

•Case Studies 



The guiding principle for ICA is participatory action approach in inquiry and studies which requires continuous interaction and feedback of target communities. ICA believes in regular improvement and revision of the data collection and analysis methodologies.